Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Dame Edna and my friend Harvey Cohen who played Edna's gay son Kenny
While I met most celebs socially through some sort of bizI have accidental meetings too. I was in this huge cocktail bar in Clearwater Florida with my brother Jack when this gent asked me about my hat."Where did you get that lovley hat he asked? Believe it or not at the drugstore I replied. I went to dozens of clothing shops but only walgreens has any decent hats I told him. "Thank you for that."he said. I looked at him closely, " hey aren't you Dame Edna? "Oh you have seem me on the telly," he said. But then refused to admit he was Dame Edna. Which Barry Humphreys does of course. I called Jack over and we had a bit of a conversation with him and his wife. i tried to introduce him as Dame Edna but he still wouldn't admit anything. "Where are you from?" he asked me. I told him Toronto. You must be from Canada too he asked Jack. No said Jack I am from here now I got kicked out of Canada for over tipping. We parted laughing.

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  1. OMG, I've seen Dame Edna many times on T.V. of course. I think she's a riot, she/he,her/him. Whatever I enjoyed.


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