Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sneezy Waters,

musician, Ontario - 1998 - JM Hodgeson from Ottawa - best known for his legendary performances of Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave - was member of The Children with Bruce Cockburn in the mid-1960s

I was at the first performance of Hank Williams The show He Never Gave at the HorseShoe Tavern In Toronto. The Horseshoe at that time was still the premier Country and Western Bar and all the big Nashville stars played there as well as locals like Sneezy.
  In the middle of the first set a Sneezy Fan passing by stuck his head in the door and yelled."Hey Sneezy sing Louis Riel"! 
One of the audience who obviously missed the point caught Sneezy in between sets. "Hey Hank" she says "How old are you?" "Ahh, 34 " says Sneezy. "Bullshit" She says Your son was here 3 months ago and he was 36."

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