Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Howard Duff

I met Howard Duff making Double Negative. I was the assistant to the producer and it was my job to look after Howard. I met him at the airport. "Hi I'm Howard Duff and if you don't think I'm tough, Remember I was married to Ida Lupino for twenty years". Howard and I became great friends and his girlfriend Judy. We spent many pleasant hours together over about 6 weeks. I showed them around Toronto and we had many lunches and dinners together. And far too many drinks.I took them to some clubs.

One night he was a bit long in the washroom and I went to check. he was being hassled a bit by some punks (not too seriously) I come in and say "Ready to go Mr.Duff" and flashing my genuine RCMP key chain. The punks evaporated and Howard thought that very cool and subtle.

If anything like Richard I found Howard a bit fragile. I was on Howard and Judys Xmas card list until he died and I feel really privileged

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