Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Myrna Lorrie

Myrna Lorrie was a frequent visitor, She was a lot of fun and I caught a few of her shows and liked her music. She showed up on the arm of Jerry Reed one night. They had Rosanne Cash and one of the Eagles. They were there almost every night for a week or so.
Myrna Is Playing in Alberta

Myrna Lorrie (b. Lorraine Petrunka, August 6, 1940, Cloud Bay, Ontario) is a Canadian country singer.
Lorrie first sang publicly at age 12 on Fort William radio station CKPR. At age 14 she recorded the song "Are You Mine" with Buddy DuVall, which was released on Abbott Records. The song became a hit in both Canada and the United States; it reached #6 on the US Country Singles chart in 1955.[1] She then toured North America with Hank Snow.

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