Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Robert Goulet

Robert Goulet was a star on CBC TV during the 1950's.

He was invited to our high school prom as a celebrity host. I was only on the decorating committee but when Mr. Goulet arrived at the door in his corvette. the student council president failed of confidence and I was somehow pushed out the door to greet him. I was super nervous I didn't have my own suit just then, and my mother had fitted me in to my father's old wedding suit. It was 3 button and the style at that time was 2 button suits. When I ushered Mr.Goulet in the door and took his coat he was wearing a 3 button suit. he looked at me and said Hey you are right in style. He reached over and undid the top button. thats the way to wear it he said. he had quite a night he ended up driving the prom queen home and partied with her and her parents to all hours.


  1. I've never been one to get nervous around anyone no matter how famous I feel like they are just people.

  2. Having met , know, hung out etc with hundreds of more or less famous people. I must caution you that not all are the same. Even at the top of my game I met a few that floored me and left me tounge-tied and sweaty palmed.

  3. I've not met very many actor/actresses but I must say the one that sticks in my head as being the nicest is the one I never would have thought of in that way and he was
    Ben Gazzara. He was in between shotting a film in front of Saint Josephs hospital in CA. Very nice guy. Looked better in the movies then he did in person though. hehe


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