The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum

8:44 AM

Also known as the Silicone Contol and The Solid State Waste removal Company Orchestra and chorus.
The band was created one very late stoned night at Ziggy Blazer's studio. A multi media band consisting of Bart Schoales, Jerry Santbergen, Moses (Edward Smith) and Tom Seniw. The first rule was that you must never have played a musical instrument. Tom admitted he had trombone lessons and was kicked out of the band and replaced by me. The band consisted of 4 2 track tape recorders, 2 or 3 film projectors a couple of slide projectors, and a wind machine and lots of incense.
We had one paying gig. We got $2000.00 to play at McMaster University and were written up in Arts Canada.

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  1. I am glad you have to remember this stuff. My first wife Carla Dickie was the missing member of the group in your article. She was the person who thought of bringing in Moses and his Harley which was featured in the performance. I edited a two hour chunk of CBC stock footage which somehow came out of the corporation for the usage, so it was full of bombs and guns and vaguely anti war sentiment,and was run through all the film projectors along with several of Zigy's art films I particularly remember the smells that we were injecting into the super powerful wind machine which ranged through hospital deodorant to lavender and medimist, and several others that seemed to have escaped memory. Zigy had borrowed the wind machine from the staging department at CBC as a hand to support his art making
    tomseniw ate a bag of hashish bonbons in Tangier on his
    birthday in 1967 and the desert woman took his mind.
    He woke up in a garbage heap about a month later,
    Carla and I drove to the coast to Laguna Beach, then on to
    San Francisco where we did acid a couple of times and then to a few more times in Vancouver.
    None of us was ever the same again, and that was the best quality of that time in Toronto
    Bart Schoales


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