Sunday, September 6, 2009

Glenn Gould

 Willard Grieg  was a determined young man with ambition to become a lawyer.
He lived in Nestorville (now a ghost town near Thessalon)
as a teenager he was an accomplished trapper and woodsman.
In the spring of 1909(circa) he told his sister Florrie to pack her bags they were going to Toronto. He had a dogsled heaped high with the furs he had trapped all winter pulled by his 2 huskies 'Grit and Tory' He said after he sold the furs he would have enough money to go to law school and also to pay for Florrie's tuition at the Royal Conservatory of Music. So they got on the train with the sled, dogs and all and headed for Toronto.
From Union Station they headed up Bay Street sled and again dogs and all and as they approached Gold's Furriers the dogs who had not eaten for a couple of days broke lose and chased down the furriers cat and killed it and ate it. When the Furrier saw the furs he forgot about the cat. He bought the sled full of furs. He also noticed Florrie and a few years later after she graduated from The Royal Conservatory of Music He (Bert Gold to become Gould) married her.
And they were to become Glenn Gould's parents.

This story was told to me by John Grieg of Uxbridge Ontario
who is Glenn Gould's first cousin

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