Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tommy Hunter Ann Murray and Bill Bessey

Back in the sixties Bill Bessie was a CBC announcer. He was a general joe job announcer except he had a tv show Saturday mornings. It was called the Cousin Bill Show and it played Country music and showed completely unrelated movies of cows. Somehow it became a favorite of a bunch of us hippie artist types.
 A little later I was sort of  managing Duke Redbird and He had an appearance reciting poetry on the Tommy Hunter Show.

It happened to be the first TV show Anne Murray was on in Toronto.
So Duke and Tommy and his producer(whats his name the guy that married Anne and shaped her career?) Anyway we are walking down the hallway to the main studio
When Bill Bessie came skulking along. he was really trying to sneak by this star group unnoticed.
I couldn't resist. I shouted like a crazed fan." Wow! Cousin Bill! Hey look everybody
 It's cousin Bill. I don't Believe It. He's my favorite TV Star". I ran over and got him to autograph something while the others waited for me in complete amazement. I loved it and I sure hope Bill did.

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