Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Peter O'Toole

I was host of the Toronto Film Festival Hospitality suite in 1977. Donald Sutherland knew me a bit and asked me if I could arrange a private spot for him and Peter O'Toole could chat they had never met before. I gave them and empty room in the suite and loaded it up with drinks for them.I had a brief chat with them and left them on their own.
Some days later Peter came in the Club 22 at he Windsor Arms one night  I was at the next booth and i waved hello and he nodded and smiled at me. He had his girlfriend/keeper with him. she ordered him a Shirley temple something or the other for him and wine for her. He waited patiently until she went to the washroom. he called the waiter and ordered 2 no 4 no 6 shots of rum and finished them all before she got back to the table

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