How I met them

Al Cromwell - old friend from folk days - regular at boozecan
Alan MacCrae - earlydays at Horseshoe and frien Of tony hung around
Alan Murphy  - club 22 and a few dinners
Alex Cameron - French Club sydney
Andrew Cochrane - Club 22 and regular at booze can
Ann Dunn - owned the matador we dated and I went to her daughters wedding
Ann Murray - Met on tommy Hunter show.
Anthony Perkins - made a movie with him. Double Negative (Deadly Companion)
Arthur Lismer - Met at Arnold Hodgkins and AGO 50th of Group of Seven
Austin Clarke - Old Pilot friend and racetrack and with Barry Calahan at writers group openings and visits.
A.Y.Jackson - AGO I presented him with group of Seven anniverary T-shirt that I produced
Bill Hawkins - at Sandy Crawley's place and Pilot.
Bill Marshall - Club 22 and Movie biz
Billy Joe Shaver - Through Roy Payne spent night back stage at the Concord.
Barry Callaghan - Pilot 22 openings Austin Clarke Claire writer's group and he came to boozecan
Berkeley Breathed - Met him in Las Vegas at a party for the release of his screen saver. We sat on the sidelines drinking and talking.
Ben Mink - Met through Murray Mclauclan when he was with Silver Tractors.
Bernadette Andrews - Bernie was a Art reporter writer we dated for a while.
Bernie Fiedler- Met through Murray Mclauchlan
Bernie Taupin - He was at my club per Lesley St. Nicholas
Billy Joe Shaver - Met through Roy Payne
Blair MacLean - Came to my club fast friends
Bob Miller - writer editor Mcleans, CTV through the Windsor Arms Club 22.
Bob Rogers - old Pilot Tavern many mutual friends
Bobby Levant  Old Pilot Tavern his restaurants and print shops
Brant (Barney) Frayne - Old Pilot Tavern and many poker games
Brian Orser - Took a trip on tourist sailboat I was Captain of and  he invited me to a party after
Bruce Cockburn - Through Murray McLauclan
Bucky Berger - My club and David wilcox
Burton Cummings - through Gary Maclean
Cannonball Adderly - through Mickey Handy
Carol Robinson  fan of Dirty Shames partied with the band mariposa
Catherine O'Hara- made a move together "Double negative" Pilot 22 505
Cayle Chernin - in my club we dated
Chick Roberts - Dirty Shames, pilot etc.
Chuck Loriot - Grossmans
Charlie Mingus - Introduced by Doug
Clem hamburg - yorkville Village Corner
Coleen Peterson - Horseshoe my club we hung out
Conway Twitty - horseshoe couple of beers
Dan Akroyd - 505
Danny Marks - 70's music scene grossmans my club
David Blustein - MacLean's Agent
David Crombie - 22 Bill Marshall
David Cronenberg - Ivor Downie
David Goldberg - Grossmans
David Milne - went to school with his son met him briefly at his home
David Whiffen - Old pilot tavern
Dawn Cree - Silver Dollar
Dee Higgins - folk scene my club
Dennis Burton - Artist workshop new School of Art 60's art scene
Dennis Delorme - Prire Oyster Horseshoe my club
Dennis MacIntosh - 22 my club
Diane Lawerence - 70's music scene my club
Dick Nolan - Horseshoe
Dickie Moore- opening of tim hortons
Dick Smothers - Royal york met him through his brother
Donald Britain - Old Pilot tavern
Don Owen - old Pilot - 60's art scene
Donald Sutherland - 2 toronto Film Festival
Donnelly Rhodes - Chimney with Maclean and Maclean
Donnie McDougall - Maclean and Maclean
Donny Walsh - Grossmans
Duncan MacPherson - family friend
Dr. Louis Goldberg - my club
Duke Redbird - Old pilot friends since 65
Dusty Cohl -Bill Marshall                                
Edward Llewellyn Thomas - uxbridge
Elizabeth Ashely - Jim McCarthy
E.K.Fulton - my club
Eric Clapton's band (not Eric) my club
Eric Idle- my club
Eric Nesterenko - Gerry Gladstone pilot tavern
Fraser Finlayson - Grossmans
Frank Mahovlich - Fridays -Beau chorny's lawyer
Frank Shuster - Art openings windsor Arms
Franz Russell - Uxbridge
Fredrick Varley - Arnold hodgkins
Frenchy McFarlane - my club
Gary Kendall - Grossmans my club
Gary MacLean - My club
Gary Rideout - Horseshow my clunb
Gentle Giant (the Band) Tony Silverthorn my club
George Chuvalo - Beaches Gym
George Hamilton IV - Horseshoe my club
George Tidball - my club
Gerry Gladstone pilot tavern
Geza Kovacs - Grossmans
Glen(Big G)Walters - Old Pilot
Gordon Rayner - Old Pilot
Gordon Lightfoot- Yorkville kathy Smith 22 partied at his place
Gordon Tootoosis- my club 22
Graham Coughtry Old Pilot Toronto Art Scene
Graham Townsend - Horseshoe
Hank Williams Junior Horseshoe
Henk Van der Kolk - old pilot tavern
Henry Winkler - Toronto Film festival
Helen Shaver - Cub 22 and my club toronto film festival. Had dinner with her one night at her place.
Henri Richard - Fridays -Beau chorny's lawyer
Henri Fix  - Pilot Tavern
Hunter S. Thompson -  was a guest on the Peter Czowski show the same night as Tom Waits. Somebody from the show gave a special party for Hunter and I was invited as a special guest host
Ian Tyson - Village Corner, Mariposa, he stayed at my place awhile
Jack Backstrom  pilot Tavern Toronto Art Scene
Jack Bush - pilot Tavern Toronto Art Scene
Jack Webster Peter Czowski brought him to my club
Jann Poldass, Pilot Art Scene shared studio space.
Jerry Reed at My club was with Myrna Lorrie and Rosanne Cash
Jerry Jeff Walker - horseshow Murray Mclauchlan introduced us.
 Jim Jones pilot Grossmans Toronto Art Scene music scene
Jimmy Warburton
Joe Flaherty
Joe Hall
John Allen Cameron
John Candy
John MacGregor
John Marshall
John Martin
John Merideth
John Prine
Joni Mitchell
Judy Welch
Jules Dassin
Karl Bevridge
Kathy Smith
Keith Glass
Keith Morrison
Kenneth Welsh
Kenny Wells
Ken Lywood
Kid Bastien
Kid Thomas
Kitty Wells
Knowlton Nash
Krash Radcliff
Lance Bennett
Larry Goodhand
Leon Redbone
Leonard Cohen
Lesley MacDonell(St.Nicholas)
Lou Miles (Wendy)
Louis Nelson
Machel Teitelbaum
Marc Jordan
Marcus O'Hara
Mary Margret O'Hara
Martin Mull
Maury Chaykin
Max Legatt
Meadowlark Lemon
Mel Lastman
Melina Mercouri
Michael Ironside
Michael MacDonald
Michael McClear
Michael Wilson
Michelle Finney
Michael Sarrazin
Mick Jagger
Mickey Handy
Milton Acorn
Morgan Vice
Mose Scarlett
Murray McLauchlan
Myrna Lorrie
Nelie Meininger
Nancy Hazelgrove
Nat Adderly
Natalie Fruman
Neil Young
New York Dolls
Nick Auf De Maur
Nick St. Nicholas
Norman Depoe
Norman Jewison
Paul Drake
Paul Reynolds (Frankie) live in
Paul Schaffer
Paul Young
Penny Royce
Penti "Whitey" Glan
Peter Ackroyd
Peter Czowski
Peter Mahavolich
Peter O'Toole
Pierre Sarrazin
Queen Mother
Ramblin Jack Elliott
Randy Meisner (Eagles)
Ric Evans
Richard Flohil
Richard Hatfield
Rick Mccarthy
Robert Markle
Rod Steward
Ron Dann
Ronnie Hawkins
Ronnie Prophet
Ron Wood
Roseanne Cash
Roy Buchanan
Roy Forbes (Bim)
Roy Payne
Rummy Bishop
Russell DeCarle
Ruth Evelyn Howard (Leslie Howard's Wife
Sadia Sadia
Sandy Engblom
Sandy Crawley
Stephen Williams
Steve Weston
Stomping Tom Conners
Susan Clark
Sydney Newman
Terry Wilkins
The New York Dolls
Tim Contini
Tokyo Matsu
Tom Cochrane
Tom Hedley
Tom Hodgson
Tom Smothers
Tommy Corrigan
Tommy Hunter
Trish Cullen
Van Stoneman (Stoneman Family)
Wally Steffoff
Warren Zevon
Willie P Bennett
Wilt Chamberlain
Winston Reckhert
Xavier Hollander
Ydessa Hendeles
Yvon Couroyer
Zal Yanovsky
Ziggy Blazeje

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