Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blind Date about 1968

One night I was having a beer at the Pilot When Pierre Sarrizan came in. He looked around and when he saw me he sat down. After ordering a beer and passing forth the usual pleasantries. Pierre asked if would do him a really big favour.He said he was supposed to meet a friend from Montreal but something had come up and he couldn't wait. Would I meet her and show her around.So i sat there with a name and basic description. Denise was very pretty, absolutely charming, if a touch young for me. I told her the story and asked if she wanted me to show her the town. she did not hesitate and we started off. At the time she probably could not have had a better guide. I was the party man of Toronto, I knew everybody gave great party. We hit the el Mocambo for a while but Grossman's was the happening place that night and we soon had primo seats for the Downchilds Blues Band. We rocked til closing and i offered a late dinner in china Town so we headed south down Spadina holding hands. We passed the Paramount Tavern as about 300 hundred blacks hit the street as it closed too. I could never resist showing off so I hollered. Hey Any of you niggers got any dope. Not nice! poor Denise squeeze my hand desperately No dont! what are you doing?? Of course I knew everybody and within minutes we had had a bout 10 joints delivered with nudges and smiles.We lit up and smoked on down to Kwong Chows for food and celebrities. lastly I grabbed a cab and delivered her home. Pierre said she said she had a great time.

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  1. ha ha, I bet she did have a great time and the munchies too. lol


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