Leonard Cohen

8:59 PM

Leonard and I were good friends for too short a time in the late seventies.
We were mutual friends of Lesley McDonnell. 
We mostly hung out at the Club 22 at the Windsor Arms in Toronto and certainly had some good times and great conversations.
EG: there was an Art Opening of an Artist that did paintings of all of his songs. he insisted that I go with him but I begged off as I was having the first visit with my daughter in 5 years. leonard said to bring her. So I bring seven year old Sarah and her sister 4 year old Shaleen and they pretty well destroyed the place. Somewhere there is a video of Leonard with a kid under each arm and having a great time.

I had to move back to Uxbridge for a while to look after some family problems and I just lost touch. Never thought to get a phone number.

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