Thursday, January 28, 2010

Billy Joel

 Billy Joel Cost me my Job!
I loved singing the Lobsterman song with Maclean & Maclean.I did this for over 5 years. When the Macleans would come to Ontario I would tour around southern Ontario as the Lobsterman. We had lots of fun.
My last performance was at the El Macombo. We were doing the last set and as I was getting ready to go up to the stage I saw the manager whisk Billy Joel and his band who had been playing at maple leaf Gardens to a reserved table.

So when I sang the Lobster song I stuck Billy Joel's name into it. The macleans looked askance they had no idea.

After the show Billy came up to the dressing room and found we that Billy Joel was a big fan of dirty Humor . The management provided cases of Heineken's and we drank and partied late into the night. Billy raved about the show. But all that he could really remember was me.
The Macleans never asked me back on stage to sing again.They always seemed to forget.

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